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Dr. Bernadette Camp

Begin Again is a Life Coaching Business that assists Christians who use accountability to achieve their goals and are looking to reach and maintain the people that God has assigned to them. We do this through six modules that helps them become aware of the obstacles blocking their progress, and strategies that will help them reach their goals. Dr. Camp takes you through steps of self work, finding clarity on your assignment, and discovering and maintaining the people assigned to you. You will receive bi-weekly sessions from Dr. Camp and three interactive videos that will keep you accountable to your goals.  This program will help you accomplish the goals that you have been continuously putting off. It will impact not only your life but all those who has been waiting for you. If you sign up for Life Coaching today you will receive 25% off of my book about budgeting "Making Ends Meets.

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Joshua Wilkinson

J Media Productions is an innovative, cutting edge agency that provides website development, film production, social media support and expertise advisement for LENS regarding its social media development, maintenance, and promotion.

J Media Productions, LLC is a Video Media Production Company, based in Philadelphia. They been working with leaders in every genre and they pride themselves on a professional level, and most importantly, the creative services they offer.


Dr. Myava, Clark

CASEN shared a powerful message of ‘anti-bullying’ at the Bethel Deliverance International Church (B.D.I.C.) Education Conference. In today’s society, cyber bullying is an undercover poison that that is administered to youth by youth. Through the social media pipeline of comparison, competition, and false perceptions, youth can be drawn into a world of control and predators. CASEN has been instrumental in being a ‘safe zone’ for educating youth and parents regarding the dangers of social media, Instagram, Snapchat, Yellow (Tinder for Teens), Gaming an YouTube, etc.  CASEN has a ‘life-changing’ message for young people and parents of today.


Dr. Essence Allen Presley

  • Data Collection for Early Intervention Paraprofessionals and Early Childhood Providers

  • Introduction to Special Education Regulations for Early Intervention Paraprofessionals

  • Introduction to Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) Tiered Models of Support

  • Building Partnerships Amongst Early Childhood Programs Early Interventions and Families

  • Understanding PA Suspension and Expulsion Policy


Nadine W. Hedgeman
Faith Base Community Mental Health Advocate

Daughters of faith focuses on helping individuals who have experienced trauma and are struggling with being bipolar and/or schizophrenic. We help individuals and families walk through this corridor or challenges; and at times uncertainties to a holistic recovery and view of themselves. Clients are provided supports in finding employment and other foundational supports needed for wellness. We provide training for employees and families. In addition, we focus on helping individuals returning their communities and homes, establish goals and their footing in society.

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Crystal Johnson BS,MA,PC

Crystal Johnson is a Professional

Counselor who holds a Master’s

Degree in Clinical Counseling, with a concentration in Trauma Studies.


Over her 10+ years as a dedicated

provider working with individuals,

groups, and families, Crystal has

garnered numerous awards and

certifications in Domestic Abuse,

Suicide Prevention, and Grief and

Loss. Her passion is working with

women, youth, and individuals

impacted by domestic violence.

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