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Educators  Are Construction Workers

that prepare young minds. We dig deep, clearing out all the rubble of trauma, family floods, frozen pipes of despair and the broken beams of little hearts. Through many challenges, we mix the concrete of hope and lay new foundations and build upon it through advocacy, letting our voices be heard to acquire the funding and materials needed to scaffold little minds and build big dreams envisioned by the Visionary-Educator’s mind Who sees beyond the crumbling walls in many families and communities. Whether a Family Child Care Provider, Group Home or Center, Educators hammer through the challenges in our own lives, drill through, at times, parent apprehensions, their fears and insecurities, and yes, their complaints.


However, no matter how hard ‘at times’ the jackhammer of financial adversities may try to attack and shake the very foundation of our profession, we learn through play, we speak and read aloud our values, we take formative and summative assessments of the priceless investments we are making in children and families. We stay at the Construction site late at night Reviewing the architectural plans for the next day; leaving many times with the dust of tiredness. However, we wear the hard hat of satisfaction that another brick has been successfully laid and pointed in building a child’s future We constantly clear the field with the tractor of love and commitment to our children, families and our profession to ensure the ground is level for diversity, equity, equality and acceptance for all uniquely constructed learners. Yes, we are Construction Workers! Keep clearing the ground, raking, shoveling and wheelbarrowing away the rubble, scaffolding and building little minds today, that will enormously impact and change tomorrow.


Written By Stephanie DaCosta. Copyright 2021.

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